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Time for a Lottery Grand Slam?

Time for a Lottery Grand Slam?
Updated: Wednesday 23rd April 2014

The final week of the Wimbledon tournament is underway, and as tennis fans look forward to the Singles Finals this weekend, lottery players everywhere are wondering if they will soon be able to land a Grand Slam jackpot of their own. The EuroMillions jackpot is worth an incredible £117 million this Tuesday 28 June and the Lotto draw on Wednesday has an estimated jackpot of around £2.2 million. Compare those sums with the £1.1 million on offer to each of the Male and Female Singles Final winners at Wimbledon and even professional tennis players might want to buy themselves a lottery ticket or two!

It’s quite amazing to think that anyone of legal age has the chance to win more money – and in the case of EuroMillions, about 100 times as much money – as professional tennis players. What’s even more amazing is that if a single ticket wins the £117 million on offer in the EuroMillions game, the owner of that ticket will become richer than many A-List movie stars and Glastonbury-headlining musicians!

There aren’t many ways of achieving that kind of wealth, and the opportunities to do it in the space of a few minutes are even rarer. That’s why ticket sales for the next EuroMillions draw on Tuesday are expected to continue soaring, and why the level of excitement among regular players is getting to the stage where it is almost palpable.

The EuroMillions jackpot has rolled over ten times in a row to get to this point, and if the past few weeks are anything to go by then it wouldn’t be a surprise if it was to roll over yet again. The good thing about EuroMillions (and the Lotto game for that matter) is that you don’t have to win the top prize to make a profit. Every EuroMillions ticket purchased has a 1 in 13 chance of winning a prize of some sort, and in the Lotto game (where the odds of winning the jackpot are considerably better) the overall odds of winning any prize are 1 in 54. This gives players of both games a very fair chance of winning something even if the jackpots remain elusive.

Buy your lottery tickets online today, think lucky thoughts and maybe this week you will win yourself a ‘Grand Slam’ jackpot that changes your life forever. Good luck!

Written by Ian Bruce

Published: Monday 27th June 2011

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