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Three Tickets Share Lotto Jackpot

Three Tickets Share Lotto Jackpot
Updated: Tuesday 22nd April 2014

The rollover Lotto jackpot on Wednesday 8 February had a final value of £7,088,661 and three tickets matched the six main numbers required to win it, so each of those tickets is now worth £2,362,887. That’s an excellent outcome for the winners involved, though we don’t yet know whether or not they are all aware of their success, so be sure to take a moment to check your own tickets just in case you have won a big prize and haven’t realised it. The Lotto results for Wednesday were 07, 13, 16, 31, 36 and 44, and the Bonus Ball was 26.

14 tickets missed out on winning the jackpot by just one main number, but managed to match the Bonus Ball as well to win a second-tier consolation prize of £52,981 each. 208 tickets won £1,505 each after matching five main numbers only, and 359,865 tickets won either £53 or £10 each for matching four or three main numbers, respectively. The next Lotto jackpot this Saturday 11 February will be worth around £4.1 million.


In the Irish Lotto game on Wednesday 8 February the results were 01, 05, 07, 20, 31 and 40, and the Bonus Ball was 21. No ticket matched all six main numbers and so the €3.61 million jackpot rolled over. There were no winning tickets at the second-tier prize level either, but four tickets did win €1,162 each by matching the five main numbers only. 129 tickets won €111 each for matching four main numbers and the Bonus Ball and 37,182 other tickets picked up smaller prizes for matching four main numbers, three main numbers plus the Bonus Ball or three main numbers only. The jackpot in the next Irish Lotto game this Saturday will be worth around €4 million.


Before either of the UK Lotto or Irish Lotto games take place, there is a brand new EuroMillions jackpot of around £12 million to play for this Friday 10 February. Whether you want to play just one or two of these games or give yourself the best possible chance of winning by playing all three, buy your lottery tickets online today and good luck!


Written by Ian Bruce

Published: Thursday 9th February 2012

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