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Three Share Midweek Lotto Jackpot

Three Share Midweek Lotto Jackpot
Updated: Wednesday 9th April 2014

The dream of winning a lottery jackpot came true for three lucky Lotto players last night, which means there will be a brand new jackpot of around £3.8 million in the next game this Saturday 30 March. The Lotto results for Wednesday 27 March were 08, 10, 22, 24, 37 and 44, and the Bonus Ball was 02. The jackpot had a final value of £1,922,325, so each of the three winning tickets is now worth £640,775 – not the seven figures that the players might have been hoping for, but still a very handy sum no matter how you slice it!

There were 12 tickets that matched five of the main numbers plus the Bonus Ball number to secure a second-tier prize of £49,290 each, whilst 339 tickets won £1,090 each by matching five main numbers only. 16,471 tickets won £49 each by matching four main numbers, and 285,027 tickets matched three main numbers to win the smallest prize of £10 each. The total amount of prize money won in the midweek Lotto game was £6,540,664, which we think is pretty good for a fairly quiet Wednesday.

Players who intend to have a go at winning the £3.8 million Lotto jackpot this Saturday might want to note that the most overdue numbers are currently 26, 33, 28, 17, 15 and 13. None of those numbers have a greater chance of being drawn than any other numbers, but including one or more overdue numbers on your tickets can add an extra layer of interest to the game, so feel free to do that if the idea appeals to you.

Whilst we’re on the subject of overdue numbers, it might be worth pointing out that the most overdue main numbers in the EuroMillions game are 46, 43, 07, 41 and 47, and the most overdue Lucky Star numbers are 04 and 02. That could be an encouraging sign for anyone who favours the forties, or it could turn out to be of no help whatsoever. The most important point to note about Friday’s EuroMillions game is that it will offer a jackpot worth £110 million, so don’t miss it if you like the prospect of winning a colossal amount of money in time for the Bank Holiday weekend.

Head this way to enter whatever lottery games take your fancy, good luck with your numbers and Happy Easter!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Thursday 28th March 2013

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