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Three Jackpot Winners but no Lotto Millionaires

Three Jackpot Winners but no Lotto Millionaires
Updated: Wednesday 23rd April 2014

The midweek Lotto results are in, and what a surprising result it is. Low turnouts for lottery tickets due to the civil unrest across England meant a lower than expected turnout for the Lotto draw, and a shared jackpot means three jackpot winners but no Lotto millionaires last night as the £1.8 million jackpot was split three ways, giving each winner over £600,000 in prize money!

When the Lotto results were released it became clear that there were lots of winners, a staggering £7.1 million was paid out in prize money in last night’s UK Lotto draw. £1.8 million of that was the jackpot fund, split by three lucky players, and just three players also matched the second tier prize, collecting £188,000 of the £565,000 prize fund. Add this to the smaller winners and you have a lot of happy lottery players around the UK.

In other lottery news, one player matched all the Thunderball numbers to win almost as much as the Lotto jackpot winners. The Thunderball Lottery winner from last night’s draw will collect a cool £500,000, not bad for a night’s work!

As the unrest settles down, we’re hoping for some big lottery jackpots over the weekend around the UK. Tomorrow evening, there’s a triple rollover Euromillions jackpot up for grabs and that’s worth an estimated £40 million. Then on Saturday evening it’s the weekend UK Lotto draw, and you could be in line for a £4.4 million jackpot if you can match all the winning numbers in that draw.

Written by Kathleen Cross

Published: Thursday 11th August 2011

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