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Three Health Lottery Jackpot Winners

Three Health Lottery Jackpot Winners
Updated: Monday 6th August 2018

The second Health Lottery draw on Saturday 15 October created three jackpot winners, and because the Health Lottery jackpots are fixed amounts no matter how many people win, each of the three winners took home £100,000. The five winning numbers which were drawn live on television on Saturday night were 07, 19, 21, 27 and 49, and whilst the official Health Lottery website provides no more information than that, we can report from our own investigations that the number of players who won £500 or £50 by matching four or three numbers exceeded 23,000.

As in other lottery games such as the Lotto and EuroMillions, jackpot winners in the Health Lottery game are not compelled to go public about their success, and the three winners last Saturday have all decided to remain anonymous. We can’t really criticise that decision because although all three of them have won a jackpot, the £100,000 prize doesn’t seem enough to compensate for the amount of media attention that they would receive by going public at this early stage of the game.

The jury is still very much out on the matter of how popular the Health Lottery is likely to be over the long term. We know that over ten million people watched the Health Lottery draw take place on ITV and Channel 5, but a significant percentage of those viewers would have been happy to tune in just to see the bright smile of Melinda Messenger, so it doesn’t necessarily follow that the number of actual players was anything approaching ten million. In fact, going by the same calculations we presented in our recent piece on Health Lottery Sales, we think that ticket sales of around 6.35 million would be more accurate.

Once again, we are forced to speculate on such matters simply because the Health Lottery itself still isn’t providing more than the most very basic information to players (namely the numbers that were drawn). Whether or not this is something that Health Lottery players will have to put up with for the long term remains to be seen.

Written by Ian Bruce

Published: Monday 17th October 2011

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