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Third EuroMillions Double-Rollover

Third EuroMillions Double-Rollover
Updated: Wednesday 9th April 2014

The EuroMillions game on Friday 18 January resulted in the jackpot rolling over once again, which means there will be a double-rollover jackpot worth around £27 million to play for in the next draw this Tuesday. Incredibly, this will be the third EuroMillions double-rollover jackpot of 2013 thanks to the first one being played for – and won – on Tuesday 1 January. Three tickets shared the top prize on that occasion, and the second double-rollover jackpot of the month was won outright on Friday 11 January by a single ticket, so it will be very interesting to see what happens this time!

Whilst the jackpot rolled over in the EuroMillions game on Friday, there were still plenty of consolation prize winners to be congratulated. Four tickets (one of which had been purchased in the UK) matched all five main numbers (04, 26, 27, 30 and 39) as well as one of the Lucky star numbers (03 or 10) to win £282,279 each at the second-tier prize level. Another five tickets matched the five main numbers only to land a prize of £75,274 each, and two of those tickets had been bought by UK participants.

You can find the full breakdown of prizes paid at the lower levels on our dedicated EuroMillions Results page, but for now we’ll summarise by telling you that there were 2,576,405 winning tickets in total. As far as the Millionaire Raffle game was concerned, the number that made one player £1 million richer on Friday was NBX768404.

In the Lotto game on Saturday, the main numbers drawn by Arthur (the name of the lottery machine that was used, for those of you who had any doubts) were 05, 09, 13, 16, 35 and 39. The jackpot was worth £3,779,204 and two tickets matched all of the numbers just mentioned to win a half-share each, so very well done to the lucky players involved.

14 tickets matched five of the main Lotto numbers plus the Bonus Ball (11) to win £83,059 each, and another 436 tickets won £1,666 each by matching five main numbers only. The total number of prizes won in the Saturday Lotto game was 522,912 and the next game this Wednesday will offer a brand new jackpot worth around £2.1 million.

With three brand new UK millionaires created by the Millionaire Raffle and Lotto games, we think that the draws that took place last Friday and Saturday gave players a great deal to shout about. That said, it could be the case that someone reading these words will soon be able to shout even louder. Click here to buy your EuroMillions tickets online and you just might win yourself a £27 million double-rollover jackpot this Tuesday! Good luck!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Monday 21st January 2013

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