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Thursday 23rd March 2017
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Think Lotto

Think Lotto

A new 'Think Lotto' National Lottery TV campaign costing £10 million has been launched, but the aim isn’t to promote a particular scratchcard or draw. Instead, the 60 second advertisement promotes ‘The Lotto Way of Thinking’ and at the same time celebrates the ‘anything is possible' attitude that many Lotto players tend to share.

The commercial shows a series of situations in which various people are demonstrating what it means to be positive and optimistic in their everyday lives. A single narrator ties everything together as the Think Lotto action unfolds.

“Let’s give it up for the optimists,” the narrator says as a woman standing on a pier throws a message in a bottle into the ocean.

“The ones who think anything is possible.” A marathon runner dressed as a telephone box anticipates the challenge that lies ahead.

“The ones who look up, not down.” A woman standing outside a café is looking up at balloons in the sky.

“Let’s hear it for the thrill-seekers who do things just for the hell of it,” the narrator says as a man sledges down a snow-covered hillside on an inflatable lilo.

“The excitement lovers who think you can never have too much fun.” An elderly couple enjoy ice creams as they ride the carousel at a fairground.

“The ones who don’t let any opportunity pass them by.” A cyclists takes a refreshing detour through the spray of a garden sprinkler.

“And who think big, not small.” A woman is sprinkling breadcrumbs in the city. High above, office workers look down to see that she has made a smiley face on the ground.

To round off the advertisement, a man emerges from a newsagents with a recently purchased lottery ticket, and the narrator says: “Welcome to the Lotto way of thinking. Think Lotto.”

Commenting on the new Think Lotto  and Anything is Possible TV campaign, a lottery spokesperson said: “Almost half of all adults in the UK play the nation’s favourite millionaire-making game every week – we want to celebrate that and give our players something to feel good about. This is the first ad in a simple but engaging series – a campaign which will resonate with players and one with which they will be able to relate.”

Wednesday 5th November 2008

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