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The Secret to Winning the Lottery

The Secret to Winning the Lottery
Updated: Wednesday 9th April 2014

If there is anyone who knows the secret to winning the lottery, it has to be George Traykov, who has been dubbed 'the luckiest man on Earth' after winning two fantastic lottery prizes in as many years. The first win - worth £1 million - was in the Millionaire Raffle game in September 2011, and the second - worth £160,873 - was in a EuroMillions draw in November 2012. George waited a couple of months to claim the second prize because he isn't 'that bothered' about the money, and prefers the excitement of skydiving. Fortunately for the rest of us, he was quick to provide an honest answer when someone asked him what his secret was…

The secret to winning the lottery, according to a man who has been there, done that and probably got two t-shirts to prove it, is 'buy a ticket'. That might sound like a flippant response, but when you think about it there isn't a better or more accurate way to answer the question that was posed.

Everyone of legal age in the United Kingdom is a potential lottery winner, and the only way to absolutely guarantee that you don't win is to avoid getting involved. Buy yourself a ticket and your numbers will have just as much chance of winning big money as any other set of numbers. George Traykov knows that for a fact, so his 'buy a ticket' secret is one that has been proven to work. Twice.

Another five players who would be more than happy to vouch for the effectiveness of 'the Traykov secret' are the ones that matched all six main numbers in the Lotto game on Saturday 16 March to share a jackpot worth £6,022,815. The winning numbers were 01, 11, 12, 27, 48 and 49, and another 13 tickets matched five of those numbers along with the Bonus Ball number 19 to win £91,611 each. There were 560,501 prizes won in total, but if the players concerned hadn't taken the vital step of buying themselves a ticket it would have been a very different - and far less profitable - story!

Not everyone who buys a lottery ticket will win big, but absolutely everyone who doesn't buy a ticket is guaranteed to miss out on the opportunity to win themselves a fortune. There is a rollover jackpot of around £18 million to play for in the EuroMillions game this Tuesday 19 March, and a guaranteed €100 million (around £80 million) up for grabs in the special EuroMillions game this Friday 22 March, so we can't think of a better week in which to start putting the Traykov secret to the test. Click here to buy your lottery tickets online and you just might be the next lucky player to prove how effective it is! Good luck!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Monday 18th March 2013

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