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The Scratchcard Millionaire

The Scratchcard Millionaire
Updated: Wednesday 23rd April 2014

A 23 year old man from Winchester has gone from being a hard-working plasterer to a millionaire thanks to a jackpot win on the Millionaire Maker scratchcard game. Steven Clements, who could now be quite accurately referred to as The Scratchcard Millionaire, purchased the lottery game card as he travelled home after work, and when he started playing it one of his friends commented on how he didn’t have a chance of winning. Fortunately for Steven, that friend was about as wrong as one could get!

“My mate was joking that I’d never win anything but I’ve been lucky before so think it’s worth a go,” Steven explained. “When I saw the card, I had to get him to check that I really was a millionaire! After that we were all shouting and leaping, I don’t think any of us really believed what was happening. My uncle was at my house when I won but it took a phone call from him and Nan to convince my mum that I wasn’t winding her up about the win!” 

Steven left school at the age of 16 and has been working hard as a plasterer ever since. It is therefore not surprising that he has continued to work even though he no longer needs to do so for the money. “It was pretty funny working with my boss Cliff after the win,” Steven said. “It’s not often the employee has more in the bank than the employer! Cliff asked if I wanted to go into partnership with him and I might just consider that but first on my list is a new car, probably an Audi – if I can get insurance on it!”

As well as a new car, Steve plans to buy himself a home of his own and treat his mother to a holiday. He also plans to buy his brother a motorbike and upgrade a holiday to Magaluf that he had previously arranged with his friends.

“It’s amazing to suddenly have so many options,” Steven said. “When I was working the other day I started thinking that I could take up a new sport, so with Wimbledon being on the telly recently I might have a few tennis lessons. And I’d never really thought about going travelling to see the world, but now I may add that to the list too.”

We congratulate Steven on his win and we offer the best of luck to everyone who plays lottery games this week. Take a look at the lottery scratchcards that you can play online and don’t forget to buy lottery tickets for the £13 million EuroMillions jackpot game on Tuesday 26 July as well as for the £2.2 million Lotto game on Wednesday!

Written by Ian Bruce

Published: Tuesday 26th July 2011

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