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10 Mega Friday Millionaires Guaranteed!

10 Mega Friday Millionaires Guaranteed!
Updated: Thursday 27th November 2014

Lottery players across the UK are counting down the hours to a massive Mega Friday event which is guaranteed to create ten winners of £1 million each as well as give everyone the chance to win a multi-rollover EuroMillions jackpot worth around £50 million. This will be the second Mega Friday that has been staged, and the first one at the end of last month saw a massive surge in demand for lottery tickets, so we strongly advise all players who plan to get involved to enter their numbers as soon as possible in order to eliminate any risk of missing the ticket sales deadline.

One player who no longer needs to worry about becoming a millionaire is the owner of the single ticket that matched all six main numbers in the midweek Lotto game this week. The Lotto results on Wednesday 26 November were 26, 28, 29, 30, 41 and 49, and the Bonus Ball was 31. The final value of the jackpot was £2,640,517, so the lucky winner became a millionaire two-and-a-half times over in the space of just a few seconds, proving yet again that lottery dreams really can come true.

Two tickets matched five main numbers plus the Bonus Ball number to win £105,382 each, and although that sum wasn't nearly as impressive as the amount landed by the jackpot-winner, it will certainly have been enough to have raised a couple of smiles. The third tier saw 87 tickets win £2,056 each by matching five main numbers only, 5,081 tickets matched four main numbers to win £186 each at the fourth tier and there were 104,985 tickets that matched three main numbers to win £25 each. In addition, there were 50 winners of £20,000 each in the midweek Lotto Raffle game.

The next Lotto game will once again offer a brand new jackpot, and because it will take place on Saturday the estimated value of the top prize is £4.1 million. Players who want to keep an eye on the most overdue Lotto numbers for that draw should be looking for 45, 37, 16, 12, 46 and 48.

As far as the Mega Friday EuroMillions game is concerned, the most overdue main numbers are 44, 43, 16, 11 and 22, whilst the most overdue Lucky Star numbers are 02 and 09. Whether you choose to enter one or more of those numbers, your own set of lucky numbers or a completely random Lucky Dip selection, visit this page to buy your tickets online and good luck in having a winning weekend!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Thursday 27th November 2014

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