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Syrian Refugee Wins French Lottery

Syrian Refugee Wins French Lottery

A Syrian refugee who left his home country in 2011 to live and work as a labourer in France has enjoyed a significant turnaround in his fortunes by winning a lottery scratchcard prize worth €1 million. The win was achieved in June 2015, but the French lottery organiser has only just released the news, along with the fact that the winner was one of 215 people who won the €1 million scratchard prize last year.

The lucky player, who has not been named, purchased his scratchcard in Seine-Saint-Denis, which is a suburb of Paris, where he now lives. The €1,000,000 prize that he won equates to around £760,000, and he used the windfall to buy himself an apartment. The winner, who is said to be in his mid-thirties, now intends to open his own restaurant, and he also hopes to help the rest of his family to make the move from Syria to France.

It is always nice to hear about big winners, but some success stories are more inspirational than others, and this is one that will definitely encourage players from every walk of life in every country where lottery games are played. The story highlights the fact that lotteries are completely fair, and that every ticket purchased really does have exactly the same chance of winning. It doesn’t matter if the ticket is purchased by a national of the country that hosts the game, by a tourist who is just passing through or by a fairly recent resident, if the numbers entered come up then anyone can win big.

Another point which this story illustrates is that, whilst most people associate seven-figure wins with draw-based lottery games, big money can also be made from lottery scratchcards. The fact that 214 other French lottery players became millionaires last year by playing the same scratchcard game as the Syrian refugee should inspire anyone who has an ambition to win big.

We send our belated congratulations to the Syrian refugee and wish him every success with his restaurant. And, for those of you who would like to try your own hand at winning a life-changing sum of money, we can tell you that the EuroMillions game this Tuesday will offer a multi-rollover jackpot worth an estimated £68 million. Visit our EuroMillions Statistics page to see which numbers are most overdue to appear and good luck with whatever numbers you choose to play for yourself!

Published: Monday 18th January 2016

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