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Surge of Winners in Lotto Game

Surge of Winners in Lotto Game
Updated: Friday 15th August 2014

There was a dramatic surge in the number of winners in the Lotto game last night, with a total of 236,389 tickets managing to pick up a prize of some sort. The reason for the higher than average quantity of winners was down to the fact that all of the main Lotto numbers fell in the range 05 to 30, which played directly into the hands of those who use days of the month as their selections. Obviously there are only a maximum of 31 days in a month, so everyone's birthday, anniversary or other 'special' day will fall within that range. What is more, three of the numbers were below 12, which of course, is the number value of the month. The Lotto results for Wednesday 13 August were 05, 09, 11, 20, 23 and 30, and the Bonus Ball number was 45. 

The surge in winning tickets had an unfortunate knock-on effect as far as the top prize was concerned, with two tickets winning £360,076 each for matching the six main numbers. The value of consolation prizes for those matching five main numbers plus the Bonus, five main numbers and four main numbers was also lower than usual. The prize for matching three main numbers is fixed, so the higher quantity of winners didn't change the fact that everyone who achieved that feat can now claim £25 each. The Lotto Raffle game created 50 winners of £20,000 each.

If you don't like the way that most Lotto prizes fluctuate according to the number of winning tickets at each level you could take a closer look at the Health Lottery game. Unlike the Lotto, the Health Lottery game awards a fixed prize for every winning combination of numbers, so if you match three numbers or more (either three main or two main numbers and the Bonus Ball) you will know exactly how much you have won.

The Health Lottery results last night were 22, 26, 34, 40 and 47, and the Bonus Ball number was 21. No ticket was able to match all five of the main numbers drawn, so no player won the top prize of £100,000. The good news is that over 2,000 tickets managed to land one of the other winning combinations to win a consolation prize of  £10, £20, £50, £250 or £10,000 each, so well done to the lucky players concerned.

There will be fresh chances to win in the Lotto and Health Lottery games this Saturday, but before we get to those we first have the opportunity to win a Friday EuroMillions quadruple rollover jackpot worth around £37 million. Click here to buy your tickets online and good luck with your numbers!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Thursday 14th August 2014

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