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SuperEnalotto Continues to Soar

SuperEnalotto Continues to Soar
Updated: Tuesday 12th April 2016

At the beginning of October we brought you news that the jackpot in Italy’s SuperEnalotto game had reached the point where a brand new record would be set just as soon as someone managed to match the six main numbers required to win it. We can now tell you that the jackpot has continued to roll over since then, and that the jackpot for the next SuperEnalotto draw this Tuesday 26 October will be worth a staggering €173.4 million. That figure is almost €20 million higher than it was three weeks ago, and €25.6 million more than the existing record jackpot of €147.8 million.

The previous SuperEnalotto record was set in August 2009, and the odds of someone matching the six numbers needed to smash that record this week (or at any other time, come to that) are 1 in 622,614,630, because the range of numbers that can be chosen from is 1 to 90. Whilst those odds are extremely lengthy (they make EuroMillions jackpot odds of 1 in 76,275,360 and Lotto jackpot odds of 1 in 13,983,816 look positively straightforward) consolation prizes for players who match five numbers (with or without the Jolly bonus number), four numbers and three numbers are also paid out, so you don’t necessarily need to win the jackpot to make a profit.

Of course, if you did win the SuperEnalotto jackpot outright (without having to share it with any other winners) then you would immediately enjoy the kind of wealth that even most lottery jackpot winners can only dream about. The recent EuroMillions Mega Jackpot rollover win of £113 million set a new record for the biggest National Lottery win in the UK, and although SuperEnalotto is not a British game, winning €173.4 million would still put you on the map in no uncertain terms!

What one would do with €173.4 million is an entirely different question. For most people, a £2.4 million midweek Lotto jackpot would be enough for them to live their dreams, and a standard £13 million EuroMillions jackpot would allow them to do even more. €173.4 million would put the winner in a completely different ball park, and make the wealth of many celebrities look paltry by comparison.

There are three SuperEnalotto draws every week, and those take place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Buy lottery tickets online right here and if the jackpot is landed you could well be the one with your name in lights, and you would certainly light up the eyes of your bank manager! Good luck – or should we say buona fortuna!

Published: Tuesday 26th October 2010

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