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Suffolk Lotto Syndicate

Suffolk Lotto Syndicate
Updated: Monday 21st September 2015

A Suffolk Lotto syndicate that refers to itself as the Suffolk Lads and Lasses won a £2,630,225 jackpot on Saturday 15 November, 2008. The lottery syndicate has 23 members, all of whom work for a Haverhill housing project, so each one is now £114,357 richer for Christmas and beyond.

The syndicate has been playing the Lotto for less than a year. They always buy lottery tickets online, so news of their success arrived in an email to syndicate leader Lucy Czilinsky.

“Since we started playing on Lotto we’ve had a few wins which we had agreed to use as a contribution towards our Christmas lunch,” Lucy said. “Our fund had already reached £160 – or about £7 each – so we were looking forward to celebrating our winnings together.

“After I had opened the winning email, I can’t describe my feelings when I saw online that we’d won such a large amount of money. I think I just stared at my computer screen for a long time in disbelief! After a few minutes, I composed myself and started to contact other syndicate members to share in the good news – it just felt wonderful to deliver details of our good fortune to everyone.”

The winning numbers were selected for the syndicate by caretaker Jill Brown. “I was absolutely stunned when I discovered it was my line of numbers that won,” Jill said. “I’m delighted because it couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of people. We all work incredibly hard and the money will mean a great deal to every single one of us.”

So what are the syndicate members planning to do now that they have experienced the thrill and excitement of winning a UK Lotto jackpot?

“Most of us are planning to use our winnings to pay off mortgages,” Lucy said, “but I think we’re all intending to put some aside to treat ourselves. Holidays, new cars and a very festive Christmas are at the top of our wish lists!”

Published: Monday 24th November 2008

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