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Sturt Family Celebrates Jackpot Win

Sturt Family Celebrates Jackpot Win
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

The British winners of the EuroMillions triple rollover jackpot last Friday 15 January have decided to go public with their good news. The Sturt family syndicate of four bought one of two jackpot-winning tickets to land an incredible £26.15 million. This is the fourth biggest jackpot win in National Lottery history, and if the four Sturt family members share the prize equally they will each get more than £6.53 million. The syndicate is based in Dorking and consists of 75 year old George Sturt and his three adult children, Colin, Gary and Teresa. Another eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren ensure that any celebratory parties will be very well attended!

George didn’t watch the EuroMillions draw on Friday night, but woke up on Saturday morning with a strange desire to check his ticket. “I woke up and had a bit of a funny feeling,” he explained. “I always check the ticket at the shop, but decided to bring up the results on Teletext. I could see I had all of the numbers and knew it must be quite big, but wasn’t sure how much so I called my daughter to come up to the house.”

Teresa did just that, and when she compared the numbers on the family ticket with the actual lottery results she didn’t know what to say. “When you dream of winning you think you’d scream but you just stare at each other and are completely gob smacked,” she said. “Initially you don’t want to believe it in case it isn’t true.”

As if to prove the accuracy of her words, Colin and Gary initially had a hard time believing that the good news about the win was true, but eventually they realised that they weren’t the victims of some kind of practical joke. Now all four of the family winners are thinking hard about how to put their EuroMillions fortune to good use.

“It is for the kids really,” George said. “They have had tough times and to know that the whole family will benefit from the win is very satisfying. It will make such a difference and will help in so many ways.”

Colin is a professional builder. It is therefore unsurprising that he and his wife Julie intend to buy properties for their six children, with Colin himself overseeing the work. “To give them the security of a roof over their heads is just great,” he said. “I will expect them all to work – we are from a hard working family and I’ve no doubt the family building firm will continue – but it will certainly make a big difference to their start in life.”

Gary and his wife Chris have two adult sons, and Gary has equally clear ideas about what his initial shopping list will include. “Mortgages will be paid off and new cars will be bought. I have no idea about work – I will carry on doing something, but what I’ll do I don’t know. I will treat myself to a Harley Davidson which has been a life long dream.”

Teresa has one son and three daughters and will also be investing some of her share of the EuroMillions win in property. “We have been in a rented house for a number of years which isn’t quite big enough anymore,” she explained. “Our dream has always been to have our own house with a garden and we can now make that come true. That will make the biggest difference to our lives.”

The Sturt family are clearly going to spend their lottery millions very wisely, and we congratulate all of them on their success, which will no doubt inspire many to have a go at winning their own lottery fortune. Buy lottery tickets online now and the next person to start spending cash on a brand new property could be you!

Published: Wednesday 20th January 2010

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