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Stoke Fans Score Lotto Jackpot

Stoke Fans Score Lotto Jackpot
Updated: Friday 25th April 2014

Stoke City Football Club fan John Livesley and his with Jackie are cheering themselves after matching all six main Lotto numbers on Saturday 15 November to win a jackpot worth £2,630,225. However, they almost didn’t win because they almost didn’t enter!

The weather was cold and rainy outside on the day that John and Jackie usually did their weekly shop, and Jackie wasn’t keen on leaving the comfortable warmth of their home. Fortunately, John talked his wife into visiting a Morrisons store in Leek, and it was there that they bought the Lotto ticket that was to change their lives forever.

The couple play the lottery every Wednesday and Saturday, and they have done so ever since the game was first launched in the UK in November 1994. After fourteen years of persistent optimism, their enthusiasm about the Lotto paid off, but they didn’t find out about the lottery results until the day after the draw had taken place.

“I’d been cleaning the kitchen floor and needed a break,” Jackie explained. “I put the kettle on for a coffee and checked Teletext. I looked, looked and looked again before shouting out for John.” John, who works as a Team Leader in a Cheadle warehouse, was asleep at the time.

“John was having a lie-in as he was working nights,” Jackie continued. “He ran into the living room, realising something was up, and then calmly confirmed we’d matched all six numbers.”

Like most Lotto jackpot winners, their first urge was to celebrate, but before they gave into their natural instinct, they visited their neighbour’s home and put the winning ticket in their safe. That done, it was down to the local pub for some well-deserved drinks with friends and family members.

John and Jackie have two adult children from previous marriages, and they are now looking forward to having a Christmas to remember. In the meantime, John has a Range Rover Sport on his shopping list and Jackie is looking forward to visiting the Maldives for a well-earned holiday.

Published: Monday 1st December 2008

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