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Spirits Lifted by Midweek Lotto Games

Spirits Lifted by Midweek Lotto Games
Updated: Wednesday 14th May 2014

The UK wasn't in a particularly good mood last night thanks to the extreme weather that was sweeping across the country and leaving all kinds of chaos in its wake, but the Lotto and Lotto Raffle games were on hand to lift the spirits and make quite a few people glad to have participated. None of the tickets entered for the Lotto game were able to match all six of the main numbers that were drawn and so the jackpot rolled over, but the more positive news is that plenty of consolation prizes were landed.

The Lotto results for Wednesday 12 February were 03, 07, 20, 24, 30 and 39, and the Bonus Ball number was 48. We have just said that the jackpot rolled over, and the value of that top prize was £1,810,601, which means that the next game on Saturday will offer a jackpot that is expected to be worth around £5.4 million.

Two players matched five main numbers plus the Bonus Ball to win a second tier prize worth £72,260 each, and another 195 tickets won £629 each by matching five main numbers only. There were 9,578 tickets matched four main numbers to win £67 each, and the smallest consolation prize of £25 went to each of 167,539 tickets that matched three main numbers. On top of all that, the Lotto Raffle game delivered £20,000 worth of luck to each of 50 winners.

The Health Lottery results last night were 04, 24, 31, 46 and 48, and the Bonus Ball number was 42. None of the tickets purchased for the game proved able to win a top prize of £100,000, but more than 31,000 tickets succeeded in winning a consolation prize of some kind.

UK lottery fans who want to take their minds off the dreadful weather can now look forward to not one but two rollover jackpot games in the days ahead. There will be around £20 million to play for in the EuroMillions game this Friday and the previously mentioned £5.4 million to try and win in the Lotto game on Saturday. Click here to buy your lottery tickets online and maybe the storm clouds will bring you the silver lining of a jackpot win! Enjoy the games and good luck!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Thursday 13th February 2014

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