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Thursday 18th January 2018
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Spanish Euro Triple

Spanish Euro Triple
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

One ticket holder in Spain bagged the entire EuroMillions lottery triple rollover jackpot of €58,278,337 (approximately £46,162,270) on the evening of Friday 27th June.  With Spain winning the final of Euro 2008 against Germany 1-0 and Rafael Nadal flying high at Wimbledon, it is obviously a good time to be Spanish.

The EuroMillions winner can sit comfortably, though, in the knowledge that his or her lotto win will exceed the prize money on offer to the winners of the football, being a trifling €23m (£18m).

However, Dolores McNamara, sits head and shoulders ahead of Friday's winner after she pocketed €115 million (£77 million at the time) on EuroMillions in August 2005. 

The world's biggest individual jackpot prize was taken by Andrew Whittaker, who won $314.9m (around £197.4m) in America playing Powerball in 2002.

Published: Saturday 28th June 2008

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