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Social Workers Scoop Jackpot

Social Workers Scoop Jackpot
Updated: Friday 18th September 2015

A syndicate of nine social workers who all work for Bedfordshire Council have scooped a lottery jackpot prize worth £2.39 million. The jackpot on Saturday 13 June, 2009, was actually worth £4.78 million, but a Bolton player also won the top prize, so the jackpot was divided equally between the two winning tickets. The social workers call themselves ‘The Cozy Club Syndicate’, and with a £2.39 million win to celebrate they couldn’t be feeling cosier!

The syndicate is led by Bob Paine, and has been playing the Lotto since it first started in 1994. They always play the same numbers, which were originally based on random selection, and their persistence has paid off handsomely. Bob discovered their win on Sunday morning as he was checking his lottery results.

“I always check the tickets on Sunday morning so I put on Teletext and started to go through the numbers,” Bob explained. “I saw that we had six numbers but for some reason I thought we needed the bonus ball too so it didn’t click immediately that we’d won the jackpot. Then I checked again and the penny dropped and I started shaking.”

Shaking is a common occurrence when you discover that you have just landed a multi-million pound fortune, but fortunately it’s a side effect that does wear off. When Bob had recovered a little from the shock, he started letting his colleagues in on the news.

“I rang all the syndicate members immediately,” Bob said, “but as I’m a bit of a wind-up merchant at work, a couple of them didn’t believe me at first but they knew I’d never joke about something as serious as this!”

With nine players in the syndicate, each Cozy Club member has effectively won more than £265,000. That’s a very nice sum in anyone’s book, and the members are now deciding what to do with their cash. Mortgage repayments are high on the shopping lists, as are DIY projects, holidays and a range of family treats.

“Those eight phone calls were the best I have ever had to make,” Bob said. “To be honest, we’re still in shock. The most we’ve ever won is £81 so this has come completely out of the blue! I haven’t made any plans yet on how to spend it but I’d like to take a holiday in the Maldives so I’ll probably give it some thought then!”

Published: Tuesday 23rd June 2009

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