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Single Ticket Lands Lotto Jackpot

Single Ticket Lands Lotto Jackpot
Updated: Wednesday 23rd April 2014

A single ticket landed the Lotto jackpot on Saturday 10 September, but whilst everyone had expected the jackpot to be worth something in the region of £4.1 million the final value was actually £3,229,908. Somehow we don’t think that the winner will be grumbling too much because £3.22 million is still a vast amount of money and more than enough to fund a lifetime of luxury for most people. Of course, there was even more cash up for grabs in the EuroMillions game last Friday, but the jackpot rolled over yet again so prospective EuroMillionaires will have to wait until tomorrow for their next attempt at winning it.

The results in the Lotto game last Saturday 10 September were 05, 07, 09, 10, 22 and 47, with 37 drawn as the Bonus Ball. Over 735,500 prizes were won in total, including 15 second-tier prizes worth £66,254 each which were won by those matching five main numbers and the Bonus Ball. There were 781 third-tier prize winners who landed £795 each by matching five main numbers without the Bonus Ball. Those who matched four or three main numbers won £33 or £10 each, accordingly.

All of this came the day after the EuroMillions jackpot eluded players yet again. The results on Friday 9 September were 05, 21, 28, 31 and 34, with the numbers 01 and 02 drawn as the Lucky Stars. The jackpot might have rolled over (giving players £138 million to play for this Tuesday 13 September) but there were plenty of winners at each of the remaining twelve prize levels. Five tickets (one owned by a UK player) landed a second-tier prize of £404,157 each by matching the five main numbers and one Lucky Star number, and six tickets (two owned by UK players) won a third-tier prize of £112,266 each by matching the five main numbers on their own. The total number of EuroMillions prizes won last Friday was 4,922,510.

Lottery players can now buy tickets online for the £138 million jackpot EuroMillions game this Tuesday as well as a £2.2 million jackpot Lotto game on Wednesday. Enjoy the games and good luck with those jackpots!

Written by Ian Bruce

Published: Monday 12th September 2011

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