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Seventh EuroMillions Win for Spain

Seventh EuroMillions Win for Spain

A single lottery ticket that had been purchased in Spain won the EuroMillions jackpot outright last night, bringing the total number of Spanish jackpot-winning entries in 2014 to seven. Of those seven wins, six were achieved outright, with only the first win of the year being shared with another ticket, and that ticket had been purchased in France. Spain is now well ahead of all other nations as far as jackpot success this year is concerned, but with five months remaining there is still plenty of time for one or more of the other participating countries to steal the Spanish thunder.

The EuroMillions results that gave Spain its seventh jackpot success on Tuesday 29 July were 10, 23, 35, 40 and 43, along with the Lucky Star numbers 03 and 09. The jackpot, which had rolled over in each of the three games leading up to last night's draw, had a final value of €37,632,166, which would have been worth £29,815,964 had a British player landed it. There was one non-UK winner at the second tier level, and the ticket that matched all five main numbers and one Lucky Star landed a prize worth €1,021,863.

Brits also missed out on the third tier prizes, but three tickets that had been bought overseas won their owners €85,155 each by matching five main numbers only. The good news for players in the UK is that more than £1.82 million in prize money was shared by entries purchased in this country, and that doesn't include the prize of £1 million that was landed by the person matching the Millionaire Raffle number CPG136976.

The next EuroMillions game this Friday, which will just happen to be the first of a brand new month, will offer a suitably brand new jackpot of around £11 million. It's a fresh start all around, and anyone who likes the idea of winning themselves an eight-figure fortune before the summer is over will undoubtedly want to get involved.

Of course, you don't have to win eight-figures to change your life forever. The midweek Lotto game this evening (Wednesday 30 July) will offer a jackpot which is expected to be worth around £2.1 million, so if that kind of money would be enough to put a smile on your face, click here to buy your tickets online and good luck!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Wednesday 30th July 2014

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