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Seven Lotto Millionaires Guaranteed on Saturday 25th July

Seven Lotto Millionaires Guaranteed on Saturday 25th July

The Lotto draw on Saturday 25th July promises to be one of the most exciting ever after it was announced that seven players are guaranteed to receive a cool £1 million each. The jackpot will  also be up for grabs, as well as all the usual prizes, but it is the the prospect of becoming one of Lotto’s Summer Millionaires which really marks this weekend out as being extra-special.

There will still be the regular 50 prizes of £20,000 available through Lotto Raffle, but the latest promotion will work in just the same way at no extra cost per ticket. For each Lotto line that you play, a code will be automatically generated and you can check your ticket against the winning results to see if you have struck lucky.

There have been several similarly exciting offers in the past few months, with the Valentine’s Day Lotto draw creating ten new millionaires and one ticket winning £1 million in each Wednesday draw this past May. Saturday’s spectacular draw will now give fans of the game an opportunity to enjoy a summer to remember for the rest of their lives.

Tickets can be snapped up online or from any authorised retailer, and you can then wait and see what the weekend brings. Lottery.co.uk will have the results as soon as they are available and you can also find out more about the regular Lotto Raffle game as you consider how you might spend the fortune that may come your way. A seven-figure windfall would allow you to take care of your family and indulge in any number of luxuries, from a holiday to the other side of the world to a new home in the countryside.

Saturday’s extravaganza shouldn’t make you forget that there is also a chance to win big in tonight’s Lotto draw. The top prize had been pocketed seven times in a row before a rollover on Saturday, which has pushed the estimated jackpot up to a very appealing £5.6 million. Good luck and have fun!

Published: Wednesday 22nd July 2015

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