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Search On for Seven-Figure Winner

Search On for Seven-Figure Winner
Updated: Wednesday 18th February 2015

The search is on for a Lotto winner who has yet to claim a prize worth £1,804,955. That prize was landed on Wednesday 28 January by a ticket that matched five of the main numbers (which were 03, 04, 17, 24, 30 and 34) and the Bonus Ball number (which was 36). The sum won was unusually large because the draw in question boasted a quadruple rollover jackpot which couldn’t roll over again, and as things turned out there was no ticket that matched all six main numbers. The jackpot of £14,439,649 was therefore rolled down to the second tier, where it was divided between eight winning tickets.

The winning ticket in this case had been purchased in the London Borough of Barnet, and the owner will need to claim his or her prize by Monday 27 July or it will expire and the sum of £1.8 million will be handed over to the fund for Good Causes instead. Players who have played Lotto in the area mentioned at any point over the last few weeks are being urged to check their coat pockets, wallets, purses, car glove compartments and other places where the winning ticket might have been hiding.

Winning the sum of £1.8 million in a lottery game is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most people, so the possibility of someone achieving that feat and still missing out by failing to claim the prize is hard to imagine. Whilst we hope that the winner will soon come forward to validate their lucky ticket, the lesson for the rest of us is clear – tickets should be checked and any prize due should be claimed as soon as possible after each and every draw.

With that principle in mind, players who have not yet checked their numbers for the first EuroMillions game of the week might want to do so now. The EuroMillions results for Tuesday 17 February were 02, 05, 18, 30 and 43, along with the Lucky Star numbers 01 and 10. No player won the top prize, so there will be a quadruple rollover jackpot to play for on Friday. In the meantime, the Lotto game this evening (Wednesday 18 February) will be offering a brand new jackpot that is expected to be worth around £2.1 million.

We will keep our fingers crossed that the £1.8 million prize winner soon comes forward, and we also wish the best of luck to those of you who would like to win your own pile of cash in the near future. Click here to buy your tickets online and remember to claim your prize promptly if you win!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Wednesday 18th February 2015

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