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Search On for Jackpot Winner

Search On for Jackpot Winner
Updated: Thursday 24th April 2014

A National Lottery player who purchased a ticket in the Leeds area for the Lotto draw on Saturday 6 February has not yet come forward to claim a jackpot prize worth £777,644. Lottery officials are now urging anyone who has bought a ticket for that draw to check their tickets against the lottery results, which were 03, 12, 15, 17, 22 and 29. The jackpot on 6 February was worth £3,668,220, but there were five winners in all, which is why the Leeds winner is owed £777,644 rather than the full amount.

The chances are that the person who owns this winning ticket isn’t aware of the fact just yet. Although a few lottery winners in the past have deliberately allowed some time to pass before making their claims, such deliberate delays are quite rare. It is far more common for the winner to be totally oblivious to the good fortune they have experienced.

Hopefully the winner of this jackpot prize has merely failed to check their tickets, in which case the current appeal for players to do so might result in them coming forward at some point over the next few days or weeks. The deadline for this claim is Thursday 5 August, so there is plenty of time for the winner yet. That said, if the winner has actually lost his or her ticket, or has accidentally thrown it away, the chances of them recovering it and making their claim are pretty slim.

Although unclaimed prizes like this are still a problem, they are thankfully becoming less so now that more and more people are choosing to buy lottery tickets online. When a player buys tickets online there is no physical ticket to lose, and notification of any prize due is sent to the winner automatically, so unclaimed prizes are not generally a problem for online players.

Most people reading these words will already be in the habit of playing lottery games online, but if that isn’t the case then now might be a good time to discover just how easy it is. The Lotto game tonight (Wednesday 24 February) boasts a jackpot worth £2.4 million, and there is a £25 million rollover jackpot to be won in the EuroMillions game this Friday 26 February. To play either of these games, simply click the relevant button below and you will have your tickets in no time. Good luck!

Published: Wednesday 24th February 2010

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