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Scratchcard Dream Comes True

Scratchcard Dream Comes True
Updated: Thursday 24th April 2014

A lottery scratchcard player from Brynmawr who dreamed of winning on a purple coloured card won the top prize on the £100,000 Purple game the very next day. Ann Phillips, who is 64, remembered the dream when she was out shopping with her husband Howard, and we bet the couple are very glad that she did! Lottery premonitions are always interesting when they happen to come true, and for the players who experience their dreams becoming reality in such a literal way they are very special indeed.

Howard explained how the decision to play the £100,000 Purple scratchcard came about: “We usually buy our lottery tickets and sometimes scratchcards in Merthyr, but we had forgotten our debit card that day, so had to come back to Brynmawr,” he said. “As we were choosing the cards, Ann said she had had a dream the night before that she would win on a purple scratchcard, so we chose that one.”
The couple have two adult children and five grandchildren, and one of their grandchildren just happened to be with them when they made the life-changing purchase of three scratchcards.
“We were with my granddaughter, who is 21, and so we took all three scratchcards back to the car,” Howard said. “Ann went very quiet as she scratched hers off, and gave it to my granddaughter who said, ‘Nan, you’ve won £100,000!’”
So how will the couple spend their prize now that Ann’s scratchcard dream has come true? “We plan on giving each of the grandchildren some money and we might treat ourselves to a holiday somewhere – probably Cyprus,” Howard said. “The last holiday we had was to Blackpool last year and I got pneumonia!”
Even though Ann had dreamed of winning, landing a scratchcard jackpot took the couple completely by surprise. “We were in a bit of shock at first, but it is a lovely amount to win and just in time for our retirement,” Howard said. “It means we can give some away, have a holiday and put a little aside for a rainy day.”
We congratulate Ann and Howard on their scratchcard success and thank them for their inspirational reminder that lottery dreams really can come true. Readers who want to try and make their own dream come true can play lottery scratchcards online and buy lottery tickets online for the draw based games. The Lotto jackpot this Wednesday will be worth around £2.4 million and the EuroMillions double rollover jackpot will be worth around £39 million, so keep your fingers crossed and good luck!

Published: Tuesday 19th April 2011

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