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Scottish Lottery Syndicate Success

Scottish Lottery Syndicate Success
Updated: Monday 21st September 2015

A syndicate of six National Lottery players in Scotland is celebrating after matching five main numbers and the bonus ball in the Lotto draw held on Wednesday 22 April, 2009. The syndicate, comprising workers and ex-workers at a company called Sykes in Galashiels, won £429,807.

That means that each member of the syndicate is not £71,634 richer then they were before they hit the lottery results they needed to succeed. The syndicate plays a total of six lines of numbers in each draw, and it was members Irene Kirk and Meggy Walker who discovered that one of those lines had won them a fortune on the night of the draw. It was too late to contact the other members, so Irene took the ticket to bed with her and hid it under her pillow for safekeeping!

The syndicate is led by Wilma Turnbull, who took time out from celebrating to explain the impact that the win has had on them all.

“We still can’t believe that we have won and it feels like we’re living a dream,” she said. “Winning this makes anything seem possible now and it will certainly make life easier for all of us.”

Like most lottery wins, this one is taking some time to sink in, but shopping lists are being drawn up by the syndicate members.

“The money doesn’t seem real, but a few of us already have some idea of what we are hoping to do with our winnings,” Wilma said. “My Ford Fiesta is now three years old, so I wouldn’t mind buying a new one and Meggy is looking forward to flying her sister, who lives in Australia, over to see her family. But on the whole we are just delighted to have been this lucky and everyone around us couldn’t have been nicer.”

Winning the lottery is much easier as a syndicate as it is as an individual, and that’s because each member has more tickets on their side. As this Scottish syndicate lottery success story illustrates, you don’t need to belong to a massive syndicate to win a major prize – even half a dozen players buying one ticket each can strike it lucky. Those who haven’t yet discovered the benefits of lottery syndicates should take a look at our Lottery Syndicates page to find out more!

Published: Thursday 30th April 2009

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