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Scots Farmer Harvests a Lotto Jackpot

Scots Farmer Harvests a Lotto Jackpot
Updated: Wednesday 9th April 2014

A farmer from Kilcreggan in Scotland who has spent the last 30 years getting up early and starting work whilst most other people are still tucked up in bed is one of the latest Lotto jackpot winners to go public. William McKenna, who is 53, discovered his Lucky Dip win when taking his first break of the day in his living room. His was one of two tickets that shared a midweek jackpot worth £2.37 million on Wednesday 24 October, but initially he thought that he had landed a second-tier prize…

‘I always buy a Lucky Dip from the same shop every single week,’ William explained. ‘I have won the odd £10 here and there, but never anything like this. I didn’t realise I had won until the Thursday when I was reading the paper. At first I thought I had five numbers and the Bonus Ball. But on rechecking I knew that I had actually matched all six numbers.’

William’s wife Allison entered the room at that point to see her husband jumping around excitedly. She checked the numbers for herself and agreed that they had matched all six main numbers needed for the jackpot. William then visited the shop that he had used to buy the ticket and got the numbers confirmed there too. And that’s when he finally allowed the fact of his win to sink in.

The couple have already been making plans about what to do with their £1.18 million win, and one thing they are thinking about doing is buying their own home. They aren’t going to let the cash go to their heads, however. ‘I am not going to rush out and buy a new car or anything like that because my Toyota Yaris has just passed its MOT,’ William said. ‘All I had to do was change a wiper blade, so it would be silly to spend money on something I don’t actually need. What I might do is renew my passport as it’s been needing done for the last 22 years. Perhaps I’ll do some travelling – who knows.’

We congratulate William and Allison on their success and hope it inspires renewed optimism in lottery players everywhere. The midweek Lotto jackpot rolled over on Wednesday 31 October so there will be a rollover jackpot of around £6.4 million to play for this Saturday. As if that wasn’t enough, the EuroMillions game offers a jackpot of around £95 million this Friday, so click here to buy your lottery tickets for both games and the next big winner could be you!

Written by Tony Sharpe


Published: Thursday 1st November 2012

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