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Lottery Scam through the Post

Lottery Scam through the Post
Updated: Friday 18th December 2015

Most people have become used to 'real life' products and services migrating onto the world wide web.  But here's a less-than-savoury example of one that has gone the other way.  You should by now be familiar with the host of internet and email lottery scams where you are told that you have won a prize, but you need to pay to have it delivered or for the correct documentation to have it 'released'.  Now, the scamsters have moved from the net and are sending out similar cons via the regular post.

Lottery.co.uk are certain that this scam will appear in various disguises as the scamsters all jump on one another's bandwagon, so treat this as an example and expect variations. 

This €mln! euromillions document was received by on of our Swedish visitors.  It illegally uses the official euromillions symbol and purports to offer the chance to buy euromillions tickets as part of a syndicate - similar to legitimate services that exist online already.

Now, here comes the scam... further down the document it shows that you are already a member of the syndicate and, low-and-behold, you've already won some money.  In this example it is showing our Swedish friend as having a balance of $40,001 (presumably they think that the '1' gives it legitimacy).  And then there is the cash prize claim form that you have to fill in and, completely unexplained, you credit card details complete with CVC number.

Needless to say, neither Mr Andrew Mc Donell nor the company's phone number is known at "Die Gelbe Siten" in Austria and the company name "€mln!" is not a real company name registered in any country.

You have been warned.

Published: Monday 28th September 2009

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