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Sausage Roll Sacrifice Becomes Scratchcard Success

Sausage Roll Sacrifice Becomes Scratchcard Success
Updated: Wednesday 31st August 2016

Two bin men from Bangor in County Down are celebrating after winning a lottery scratchcard prize worth £70,000. Strangely, the scratchcard success came as the result of one of the lucky winners going on a diet, and using money that would normally have been spent on sausage rolls to buy a scratchcard instead. That might sound like the kind of thing that only happens in movies and sitcoms, but for Frank McCormick and Stephen Inglis, it was as real as it gets.

Frank and Stephen have known each other for almost a decade, and have worked together as refuse collectors for the last four years. In that time, they have made a habit of listening a morning quiz on local radio and trying to the answer the questions posed. Whichever one of them got the most answers wrong would pay a forfeit by buying sausage rolls for them both.

That arrangement changed when Frank, who is 44, decided to go on a diet. Since sausage rolls aren’t the healthiest of foods, the two men decided that the loser of the morning quiz contest should buy a lottery scratchcard instead. They initially started buying random scratchcards, but on the day of their win, Stephen deviated from that pattern and decided to buy a Jewel 7’s Doubler Scratchcard instead.

Frank is the one who scratches the cards, and as he did so he told Stephen that they had a lucky seven in one of the rows. Then, a few moments later, he said that they had ‘won seventy’. Stephen naturally thought that they had won £70, but when he asked for confirmation of that, Frank told him that they had won £70,000.

The two men called the claims number printed on the reverse of the scratchcard and the process of confirming and claiming the prize began. Frank and Stephen are still coming to terms with their good fortune, and are now thinking about what to do with the cash, with a new car and a trip to Disneyland Paris already on the cards.

We congratulate Frank and Stephen on their win, and wish them even more lottery scratchcard success in the future. In the meantime, if this story has inspired you to try for a big win of your own, why not take a look at our range of online scratchcards and see how you fare? Enjoy the games and good luck!

Published: Wednesday 31st August 2016

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