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Saturday Lotto Quad Rollover

Saturday Lotto Quad Rollover
Updated: Thursday 10th April 2014

There will be a Lotto quadruple rollover jackpot worth around £19.6 million to play for in the next game this Saturday 29 September after Wednesday’s triple rollover jackpot eluded players everywhere. The UK Lotto game can’t roll over more than four times in a row, so if no ticket matched all six main numbers this Saturday, the jackpot prize pool will roll down to the next highest prize tier that does have winners. That would most probably be the second tier, but of course there is still every chance that the jackpot could still be landed outright.

We already have a guaranteed €100 million jackpot to chase in the EuroMillions game this Friday, so the next few days promise to end the month of September in style. Whilst we can’t be at all sure of how Brits will fare in the EuroMillions game, we can be certain that they will have plenty to celebrate in the Lotto game on Saturday. Can you think of a better way to welcome the final three months of the year, because we can’t!

The numbers drawn in the Lotto game on Wednesday 26 September were 06, 08, 11, 39, 40 and 43, and the number 22 was drawn as the Bonus Ball. Although the jackpot rolled for the fourth time, four tickets matched five main numbers and the Bonus Ball to land a very nice second-tier prize of £250,484 each. We don’t know who the owners of those four particular tickets are, but we bet they’ll be sporting wide smiles for the next few weeks at the very least!

357 Lotto tickets matched five main numbers only to win a third-tier prize worth £1,754 each, which once again illustrates just how valuable that Bonus Ball can be. 18,486 tickets won £74 each by matching four main numbers and 360,655 tickets matched the minimum of three main numbers to win £10 each.

Demand for lottery tickets always increases as the day of each draw approaches, but because we now have a €100 million EuroMillions jackpot and a £19.6 million Lotto jackpot coming up it is likely that ticket sales will explode today and continue increasing exponentially. To avoid any possible hiccups it is recommended that all players who want to participate buy their tickets as soon as possible. Visit this page to get your numbers entered right now and good luck with those jackpots!

Written by Tony Sharpe


Published: Thursday 27th September 2012

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