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Same Colour Balls

Same Colour Balls
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

For the first time ever all six main numbers in the Lotto draw were the same colour.  Viewers watched in surprise as the National Lottery draw took place on Saturday 11th October, 2008 as one after another pink ball dropped through the hatch of the Topaz lottery machine.

The pink balls all represent numbers in the twenties and, in drawn order those numbers were 23-21-27-28-20-24.  Only the bonus ball, number 33, which is yellow, spolied the same colour clean-sweep party.

The closest to this that has occured before was in the draw on 16th May, 2007 when five of the main numbers were pink, but the sixth was white.  Though if you are looking for coincidences, take a look at the pink numbers that were drawn that night and compare to this Saturday's result: 20-22-24-27-28.  Maths teachers up and down the country can have fun working out what are the chances of four of the pink numbers being the same in both draws.

Lottery Statistics lovers will also notice that there are three pairs of numbers in that result: 20-21, 23-24 and 27-28.  Yet there are no triplets or quadruplets (the first of which occured recently on 12th July, 2008). 

Published: Sunday 12th October 2008

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