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Rollover Jackpot for Notts Couple

Rollover Jackpot for Notts Couple
Updated: Thursday 24th April 2014

A lottery rollover jackpot worth £7,706,631 was won by a couple from Nottingham after they successfully matched all six main numbers in the Lotto game on Saturday 17 July. The lottery results which made it happen were 12, 28, 32, 43, 44, 45 and the bonus ball was number 20. Ivan Westbury and his wife Susan tend to play Lucky Dip selections and it was Susan who discovered the win when she got her lottery tickets whilst shopping at her local Tesco supermarket. That was on the morning after the draw, and it will be a Sunday that both Ivan and Susan are sure to remember for the rest of their lives.

“I handed over my ticket to be scanned but the young lad said that the machine must be broke because it wasn’t doing its usual thing,” Susan explained. “He then handed a pink slip of paper that the machine had printed out to his manager and they had a chat about what it might mean.”

All the pink printout said was that the owner of the ticket needed to call the lottery organiser directly, and both members of staff decided that Susan must have won a larger prize than they were permitted to process.

“By this time there was a queue forming behind me but I just couldn’t move,” Susan said. “I was in complete shock and couldn’t make myself function properly! The man behind me said ‘congratulations’ but I still had no idea how much I had won!”

Susan returned to her car but felt so shaken up by developments that she didn’t dare drive away. “The young lad from the store came out to check I was ok and then helped me call my husband as I was unable to think straight let alone drive straight! I sat in the car crying with shock and excitement whilst Ivan drove over to meet me.”

When Ivan arrived the couple made a phone call to the lottery organisers and then, confident that they really were lottery winners, they started driving to take a look at the houses that were on the market. We love winners who come to terms with the freedom and opportunity that landing a lottery jackpot brings, and Ivan and Susan certainly wasted no time in starting to think about their shopping list!

“This money is for sharing and will make all the difference to our family,” Susan said. “Although we will carry on working, I also hope to find us a new home and even persuade Ivan to take his first holiday in four years!”

We congratulate Ivan and Susan and we wish everyone else who chooses to buy lottery tickets online the best of luck in landing a jackpot of their own this week. The EuroMillions game this Friday 30 July has a rollover jackpot of £23 million up for grabs and the Lotto game on Saturday has its own rollover jackpot of around £7 million to play for, so keep your fingers crossed and you too could soon be looking for a new house to buy!

Published: Thursday 29th July 2010

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