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Rollover Jackpot for EuroMillions Fans

Rollover Jackpot for EuroMillions Fans

EuroMillions fans are rubbing their hands together in eager anticipation of the next game this Friday 16 January. Why that game in particular, you may wonder? For the simple reason that it will offer a rollover jackpot worth an estimated £19 million, which is around £8 million higher than would be available in a standard jackpot game. As if that wasn’t enough to have would-be millionaires reaching for their numbers, the Millionaire Maker draw on the same night is guaranteed to deliver its prize of a cool £1,000,000 to a player right here in the UK.

If the EuroMillions jackpot doesn't make your lottery-winning dreams come true on Friday, the Lotto game on Saturday might come to the rescue. There was no ticket able to match all six main numbers that were drawn in the midweek Lotto game, so that jackpot also rolled over to the next game, where it is expected to be worth around £5.7 million. 

The Lotto results on Wednesday 14 January were 17, 20, 28, 29, 33 and 36, with the number 23 appearing as the Bonus Ball. Although the jackpot itself eluded players everywhere, two tickets succeeded in winning a second tier prize of £98,382 each by matching five of the main numbers and the Bonus Ball. 

There were 94 Lotto tickets that matched five main numbers only to win £1,777 each, and 5,778 tickets won £152 each by matching four main numbers. The prize for matching three main numbers in the UK Lotto game is always fixed at £25, and that sum was won by each of 120,798 tickets in the most recent game. As always, the Lotto Raffle draw helped each of 50 players to end the evening £20,000 richer than they had been when it started.

Looking ahead to the draws that are scheduled for the end of this week, our lottery statistics tell us that the most overdue main numbers in the EuroMillions game are 43, 16, 11, 35 and 40, whilst the most overdue Lucky Star numbers are 07 and 05. The most overdue numbers in the Lotto game are 08, 01, 21, 27, 39 and 03.

Of course, no particular number or set of numbers has a greater chance of appearing than any other, so you could just as easily win a jackpot prize by playing your own selections or opting for a completely random Lucky Dip entry. However you choose your numbers, head this way to enter them online and you could soon be claiming a rollover jackpot that will change your life forever!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Thursday 15th January 2015

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