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Quadruple Rollover Winner Named!

Quadruple Rollover Winner Named!
Updated: Friday 17th July 2015

The winner of the quadruple rollover jackpot in last Wednesday’s Lotto game has been named as 67 year old Peter Congdon from Truro in Cornwall. Peter recently received a cheque for the sum of £13,538,113 after matching all six of the main numbers that were drawn on 27 May, and one of the first things that he will do with his cash is treat his family to a group holiday at Butlins in Minehead – a venue that he has been visiting for decades.

Peter’s massive success in the midweek Lotto game was preceded by a lucky run of scratchcard wins. He usually spends five pounds each day on lottery scratchcards, and he won cash prizes on three consecutive days. Then, on Wednesday, as he was collecting his latest prize, someone commented that he would probably win the Lotto jackpot next. Two other people made similar remarks later in the day, and it turned out that all three of the optimists were right!

Despite having been told three times that he would win the quadruple rollover jackpot on Wednesday, Peter initially thought that he had matched just three numbers to win the lowest tier prize of £25. He then realised that he had matched all six numbers required for the jackpot, so he quickly left the house to visit his daughter, Helen, and asked her to verify the results. She did exactly that, and inadvertently ensured that Peter wouldn’t get much sleep that night!

Peter has a large family which includes three children, ten grandchildren and one great-grandchild, and he now plans to take them all to Butlins in Minehead to celebrate. He has been going to the famous British holiday park for 40 years, and has no intention of changing that habit of a lifetime just because he happens to have won more than £13.5 million. He will, however, be treating himself to a brand new Land Rover, and he plans to treat his children to brand new cars as well.

We congratulate Peter on his magnificent quadruple rollover win, which he achieved by playing a mixture of anniversary, birthday and lucky numbers, and we wish him continued success in the future. As for those of you who have been inspired by Peter’s story to pursue your own life-changing Lotto jackpot, click here to enter your numbers online, think positive and good luck!

Published: Wednesday 3rd June 2015

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