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Quadruple Lotto Jackpot Must Be Won!

Quadruple Lotto Jackpot Must Be Won!
Updated: Friday 17th July 2015

The midweek Lotto game this evening will offer a quadruple rollover jackpot that is expected to be worth around £13.1 million, and because the rules of the game don’t allow more than four consecutive rollovers, that prize is certain to be won one way or another. If someone matches all six main numbers then the winning ticket(s) will land the jackpot in the usual way. On the other hand, if no player wins the jackpot directly, the prize fund will be rolled down instead and shared between the winners at the next highest level. 

That isn’t the only thing that is exciting about tonight’s game, because there will be another guaranteed millionaire created in the midweek Lotto Raffle draw. Every line of numbers entered for Lotto gives its owner one entry into the associated Lotto Raffle, and one of those numbers will be worth a cool £1 million. Another 50 Lotto Raffle numbers will win a ‘standard-sized’ prize of £20,000 each.

Having a quadruple Lotto jackpot to play for will no doubt be especially good news for EuroMillions players who missed out on a big win last night. The EuroMillions numbers on Tuesday 26 May were 05, 06, 07, 21 and 24, along with the Lucky Stars 05 and 06. One ticket that had been purchased in Spain managed to win all of those numbers to win the jackpot outright. That prize was worth €37,682,171, which would have equated to £26,656,367 had a UK player succeeded instead.

There were three tickets that matched five main numbers plus one Lucky Star to win £254,780 each, and another six tickets won £42,463 each for their owners by matching five main numbers only. The total number of prizes won was 1,898,221, and an additional prize of £1 million was won by the UK player who matched the Millionaire Maker code FXF094618.

The next EuroMillions game this Friday will offer a brand new jackpot of around £10 million, and because it is the last Friday of the month there will also be a Mega Friday Millionaire Maker draw that is guaranteed to create 10 winners of £1 million each.

We will take a closer look at the Mega Friday excitement tomorrow, but right now we have a quadruple rollover jackpot of around £13.1 million to focus on in the midweek Lotto game. Remember, this prize fund absolutely must be won even if nobody manages to match all six main Lotto numbers, and a completely separate prize of £1 million will be won in the Lotto Raffle, so click here to secure your entries and you just might be joining the millionaire’s club by the end of the day! Good luck!

Published: Wednesday 27th May 2015

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