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Quadruple Jackpot Rolls Down!

Quadruple Jackpot Rolls Down!

No ticket purchased for the midweek Lotto game on Wednesday 17 December was able to match all six of the main numbers that were drawn, so the quadruple rollover jackpot – which wasn't allowed to roll over for a fifth time – was rolled down to the second tier instead. The jackpot had a final value of £15,010,730, and there were five tickets that had matched five main numbers plus the Bonus Ball. That gave each second tier winner a massive prize of £3,062,272 each, which isn't a bad sum at all for effectively finishing in second place!

We are pleased to report that three of the most overdue Lotto numbers appeared last night, and those were the main numbers 24 and 46, along with the Bonus Ball number 12. There were 189 tickets that matched five main numbers only to win £1,350 each, and another 10,438 tickets won £129 each by matching four main numbers. The smallest prize of £25 went to each of 194,227 tickets that matched three main numbers, and the Lotto Raffle game created 50 winners of £20,000 each.

The Health Lottery results for Wednesday 17 December were 07, 14, 20, 22 and 34, and the Bonus Ball was 42. There were no top prize winners in this game, but over 3,000 tickets were able to win a consolation prize of up to £10,000 each, so well done to all concerned.

The next Lotto game this Saturday 20 December will offer a brand new jackpot that is expected to be worth around £4.1 million. For anyone hoping to see more of the most overdue numbers make an appearance, the ones to look out for are 16, 12, 20, 32, 08 and 01. 

Don't forget that we also have a brand new jackpot of around £11 million to play for in the EuroMillions game this Friday. The most overdue main numbers for that game are 43, 16, 11, 22 and 39, whilst the most overdue Lucky Star numbers are 07 and 10.

This time next week the 2014 Christmas celebrations will be in full swing, so if you want to win big before Santa shows up, you'd better act quickly. Sled this way to buy your lottery tickets online and good luck!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Thursday 18th December 2014

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