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Psychic Predicts Lottery Win

Psychic Predicts Lottery Win
Updated: Wednesday 16th September 2015

A self-confessed psychic who had predicted a lottery win for the 15-strong syndicate that she had founded just three months previously is celebrating after her prediction came true on Christmas Eve! The syndicate played the EuroMillions game on Friday 24 December, 2010, and although the players missed out on the EuroMillions jackpot itself they did win one of the 25 Millionaire Raffle prizes that were available to UK players. That gave the syndicate £1 million to split 15 ways, making each member £66,666 richer!

Ocean is a catering manager at West London Training in Aldershot, and all of the other syndicate members work at the same place. Ocean decided to start the syndicate when she had a particularly strong feeling that a million pound win was on the cards...

‘I don’t usually talk about my psychic gift at work but I was convinced we were going to win a million and felt I had to start the syndicate so I could share the good fortune,’ Ocean explained. ‘We began playing the EuroMillions in October and only discovered our Christmas Eve win on New Year’s Eve – seems I was true to my word about a win by the end of 2010!’

The festive period is one in which plenty of people like to play light-hearted jokes on each other, so some of the syndicate members needed quite a bit of convincing that Ocean was being serious when she told them they were now lottery winners. Now that the news has finally sunk in, the syndicate members are beginning to think about how they might spend their share of the Millionaire Raffle prize.

‘I try to help those around me as best I can and this windfall means I can really look after my friends and family,’ Ocean said. ‘I have three sons and they will all benefit from the win. My youngest has always dreamt of a trip to Thailand and may now be winging his way to the exotic land care of mum!’

Ocean has now got a feeling that someone close to her will enjoy a very big win in March, and we will certainly keep you informed if her intuition proves to be accurate once again. In the meantime, we predict that anyone who buys lottery tickets online today can enjoy a chance of winning a £2.4 million Lotto jackpot this Wednesday 12 January as well as a £12 million EuroMillions jackpot on Friday 14 January. If you have a feeling that the next big winner just might be you, get involved and good luck!

Published: Monday 10th January 2011

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