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Players Urged to Check Lottery Tickets

Players Urged to Check Lottery Tickets
Updated: Thursday 24th April 2014

National Lottery players are being urged to check their tickets to see if they haven’t won one of the many prizes that have yet to be claimed by their rightful owners. Whilst the number of big prizes that go unclaimed is fortunately very small when compared with the number of big prizes that are won, finding out that you have missed out on a five, six or maybe even a seven-figure fortune can be devastating. On Thursday 21 April a Lotto prize worth £131,489 expired worthless after the 180 day claims deadline passed, and that is just one of the more recent expirations.

The task of checking tickets is becoming increasingly difficult for offline lottery players because of the sheer number of draws that can be played in any given week. A single entry on a Lotto ticket can also be entered for five Lotto Plus 5 draws, so players have to be careful not to simply check their Lotto results and forget to check the Lotto Plus 5 results too. Similarly, whenever players in the UK buy EuroMillions tickets, they need to remember to check the Millionaire Raffle results as well as the main EuroMillions results, as a free Millionaire Raffle entry is generated with every line of EuroMillions numbers played.

As always, our advice to everyone is to play lottery games online so that your virtual tickets are kept safe and your entries can be checked automatically on your behalf. That really is the safest and most intelligent way to play these days, but if you occasionally buy an additional paper ticket or two – for example, whilst shopping at a supermarket – establishing the following simple habits will serve you well:

1 – Always keep paper tickets in the same place. Instead of leaving them in your wallet, handbag, coat pocket or anywhere else, transfer your tickets to one specific place as soon as you get home. Make sure the place you choose is safe, but don’t get paranoid and hide tickets so well that you forget where they are. The idea behind using the same place repeatedly is to help ensure you don’t have a memory lapse and forget where the latest safe place was.

2 – Check your tickets as soon as you can after each draw has taken place. You can, if you enter multiple draws, choose to check your tickets just once a week if you prefer, but don’t leave it longer than a week. And if you use a diary to manage your time, consider putting a ‘check results’ reminder in there so that doing so doesn’t slip your mind.

3 – Claim prizes immediately or as soon as possible if claim lines are closed. Some people like to let the win ‘sink in’ before claiming their prize, but the longer you leave your claim, the more chance there is of your tickets being lost or stolen.

When you have checked any and all lottery tickets that you have lying around the house (and claimed any prizes due) you can return your attention to entering this week’s games. Buy lottery tickets online today and you could win a Lotto jackpot of £2.4 million this Wednesday 4 May or a EuroMillions rollover jackpot of £26 million this Friday. Good luck!

Published: Tuesday 3rd May 2011

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