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Play Online to Beat the Snow!

Play Online to Beat the Snow!
Updated: Tuesday 12th April 2016

National Lottery players in many parts of the UK will see white when they look out of their windows this morning, and some areas have had a considerable amount of snow for several days previously. With more and more people discovering that they can’t drive to work or get to the shops because they are effectively snowed in, playing the lottery online will be the only way for many to participate in the Lotto and EuroMillions games this week.

We have always encouraged players to buy lottery tickets online, but it is at times like these that playing online comes into its own. You don’t need to shovel the snow from your drive or even dust off your wellies – you can simply boot up, log in and buy your tickets with a few clicks of your mouse button.

Although the weather won’t affect the odds of you winning most lottery games, it’s worth remembering that someone always wins the Millionaire Raffle game that is linked to EuroMillions. If fewer UK lottery players were to buy EuroMillions tickets this week due to the snow (because they usually play offline and have not yet discovered that they can also play online) then effectively every person who does participate will have a better chance of winning the Millionaire Raffle game. The increased chance you experience might only be fractional, but if it helps you to win yourself £1,000,000 then it would certainly be significant.

The Lotto game tonight (Wednesday 6 January) has a jackpot of around £2.4 million to be won, and the EuroMillions game on Friday 8 January will have a double rollover jackpot of £36 million. Play both games online and you could win yourself a fortune that enable you to finish the week with a smile on your face regardless of the harsh weather conditions.

If you find yourself getting bored as you wait for the lottery draws to take place, don’t forget that you can also enjoy some fantastic instant win games at the Lottery Casino. There are some substantial jackpots on offer at the Lottery Casino, so be sure to pay a visit if you fancy injecting a bit more fun into your life.

We hope that you continue to staying warm and safe as the snow falls, and whether you play Lotto, EuroMillions or Lottery Casino games, we wish you the very best of luck!

Published: Wednesday 6th January 2010

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