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Peterborough Couple Claim Jackpot

Peterborough Couple Claim Jackpot
Updated: Wednesday 24th February 2016

A couple from Peterborough who won the second biggest jackpot in UK Lotto history on Saturday 13 February finally went public yesterday. Gerry and Lisa Cannings, who have been married for 13 years, didn’t claim their prize until a week after the draw took place because they were busy having their house redecorated. However, the lucky winners have now been presented with their oversized cheque and they already have some firm ideas about how they would like to put their new-found fortune to good use.

Deliberately waiting a week to claim a prize worth more than £32.5 million meant that Gerry had to keep the winning ticket in his wallet for safekeeping – a task that Lisa described as ‘very nerve-wracking’. So why did they wait at all? ‘I know it sounds mad, but we had a guy in to paint the whole house,’ Lisa explained at yesterday’s press conference. ‘We'd been planning it for ages and had packed everything into boxes. We just thought it would be easier to wait.’

The Cannings have three children and five grandchildren, and the ticket that has transformed their lives forever had been an impulse purchase. The family had decided to have a fish and chip dinner on the Saturday of the draw, and Gerry had bought five Lucky Dip tickets after seeing the multi-rollover jackpot advertised on a poster. 

Gerry discovered their win the next day. ‘Sunday morning came and I decided to check the internet,’ he explained. ‘I started looking down the lines I had and then saw that the first line was the same as the one on the screen.’

Initially Gerry doubted his own eyes, and even after checking and double-checking, he couldn’t quite accept the reality of the situation. Then their 11-year-old son read the winning numbers out from the TV and it finally clicked that the ticket really was the jackpot-winner.

The couple now plan to take a trip to New Zealand, where their favourite movie, Lord of the Rings, was filmed. They also intend to buy a home that is big enough to accommodate all of their family members at Christmas time, to share some of their wealth with those family members, and to spend some time travelling.

‘We can go where we want – and travel First Class too,’ Gerry said. ‘After looking after the family, what this money brings is a chance to enjoy new experiences and see places we thought we wouldn’t get to see.’

We congratulate the Cannings on their magnificent Lotto win, and we wish them every happiness for the future. And, for those of you who have been inspired to try and win your own lottery fortune, remember that tonight’s Lotto game will give you the chance to win a brand new jackpot worth around £2.2 million. Enjoy the game and good luck!

Published: Wednesday 24th February 2016

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