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Perth Lotto Winner

Perth Lotto Winner
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

A woman in Perth won the Lotto jackpot of £7.4 million on Saturday 06 February, 2009, and attempted to claim her prize by taking her ticket to a local shop. The winner, who has opted to remain anonymous, visited the David Sands shop the day after the draw, but was told that she would have to contact the National Lottery organiser directly.

The National Lottery organisers have confirmed that the winner of the Lotto draw in question has come forward but they will not release any details about the winner because she has not requested publicity. Of course, the fact that she handed her jackpot winning ticket to a lottery retailer means that she will be recognised in her own neighbourhood despite that request.

Anyone who wins a major prize and wishes to remain anonymous would do well to remember this. With national newspapers routinely offering rewards to anyone who can release details of a lottery winner (presumably allowing them to write an exclusive piece on the subject) it is essential that you don’t tell anyone about your win. And you should certainly avoid taking your ticket to your local shop!

For more advice on publicity, take a look at our article on lottery winner publicity. You may also like to read about confirming your win.

Published: Monday 16th February 2009

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