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Pensioner posted Euromillions ticket

Pensioner posted Euromillions ticket
Updated: Friday 17th June 2016

It’s known that the older generation often find it difficult to embrace new technology, but this phobia may have cost one UK pensioner a life-changing lottery prize. Bernard McHugh is 77 and isn’t too keen on using the telephone which is why, when he matched one of the raffle numbers in the Euromillions Super Raffle a few weeks ago, the pensioner posted the Euromillions ticket to lottery organisers as proof he has won. However, the alleged winning lottery ticket has still not arrived at the National Lottery offices, creating a little bit of panic among Mr McHugh and his family.

Bernard McHugh, bought his lottery tickets in his hometown of Burnley, Lancashire as usual for the 12th November Euromillions Lottery draw and kept the ticket as safe as usual. After the draw, the pensioner checked the lottery results to find he had matched one of the ten Super Raffle prizes, scooping himself a £1 million prize.

In this situation, most of us would call the Euromillions organisers on the telephone, but Mr McHugh simply signed the back of the lottery ticket, added his address and popped it in the post.

Hopefully the lottery ticket will turn up in the lottery offices in the next few days, and Mr McHugh will be matched to his winning ticket and receive his £1 million. If the lottery ticket is lost in the post and doesn’t appear then this gentleman will have to go through a lost ticket procedure and whether he can claim his Millionaire Raffle prize will be at the discretion of the National Lottery.

Published: Tuesday 30th November 2010

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