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Online Millionaire Raffle Winner

Online Millionaire Raffle Winner
Updated: Friday 10th October 2014

A EuroMillions player who buys his tickets online didn’t win the main jackpot in the game on Tuesday 5 July but he did win the Millionaire Raffle prize of £1 million instead. Adam Derbi, who is a self-employed taxi cab driver, didn’t make many headlines because of the focus on the multi-rollover EuroMillions jackpot that was on offer at the time, but his success has changed his life and we are confident that his story will inspire players everywhere to keep their fingers crossed even if the main EuroMillions jackpot eludes them.

The Millionaire Raffle game is only available in the UK and one entry is included automatically with every EuroMillions ticket bought. As the name of the game suggests, it is a pure raffle, with the player being assigned a random ticket number and one number being drawn when the Millionaire Raffle draw takes place. If your raffle number is the same as the one drawn then you win a cool £1,000,000.

35 year old Adam is married to Natalia and has five children, and because he had played the EuroMillions game online he found out about his win via his email inbox. “I’d been emailed notification that I’d won £5.10 by getting the two numbers in the EuroMillions main draw but I couldn’t see that on my computer screen,” Adam said. “When I scrolled down I saw that I’d won the £1m as well. I started shaking and it all seemed a bit surreal. Natalia was right there but she didn’t believe me at first; it’s only now really sinking in.”

Being a down-to-earth chap, Adam has decided to be very practical with his windfall and will focus his spending plans on his family. “A £1 million win is a colossal amount of money, but I have a big family and I am determined to be as practical and sensible as I can,” Adam said. “Yes, we’ll look for a house and car that are right for me, Natalia and our five children, but then it’s a case of allowing the money to give us some security and our children a decent start in life.”

We congratulate Adam and his family and wish them the very best of luck for the future. As for the rest of us, there is a EuroMillions rollover jackpot of £18 million to play for this Tuesday 19 July as well as a £2.2 million Lotto jackpot on Wednesday. Buy your lottery tickets online today and before long you too could be thinking about how to spend your online jackpot winnings!

Written by Ian Bruce

Published: Monday 18th July 2011

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