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One Ticket Scoops Lotto Jackpot!

One Ticket Scoops Lotto Jackpot!

Two sets of consecutive numbers helped one lucky ticket to scoop a massive midweek lottery jackpot worth £11,749,355. The Lotto results on Wednesday 4 May were 01, 02, 03, 04, 20 and 21, and the number 22 was drawn as the Bonus Ball. Having two groups of sequential numbers appear in the same draw might sound unlikely, but it is just as statistically probable as the appearance of any other numbers, and it only seems otherwise because human beings tend to attribute more meaning and significance to sequential numbers than they do to non-sequential ones.

As is often the case when rather predictable patterns of numbers are drawn, there were more winners than usual in the Wednesday night Lotto game, and that resulted in prizes being a little lower than normal. There were 14 tickets that matched five main numbers plus the Bonus Ball number to win a second tier prize of £3,848 each, and the third tier awarded a prize of £303 to each of 187 tickets that matched five main numbers only.

At the fourth tier, 9,657 tickets matched four main numbers to win £37 each, and there were 134,881 tickets that won £25 each at the fifth tier. In addition, more than 1.01 million tickets won each of their owners a free Lucky Dip entry for the next game on Saturday, when there will be a brand new jackpot of around £3.9 million to play for.

Whilst the player who landed the Lotto jackpot was the biggest winner on the night, another two players became millionaires by matching one of the Lotto Millionaire Raffle numbers, which were PLUM 7196 1224 and PLUM 8136 0840. There were also 20 winners of £20,000 each in the Lotto Raffle game, and the full list of winning numbers can be viewed on our Lotto Results page.

Now that the midweek Lotto jackpot has been landed, lottery fans are counting down to the next opportunity to make their lottery dreams come true, which will come this Friday 6 May. The EuroMillions jackpot on that day will be worth an estimated £51 million, and there will also be a guaranteed winner of £1 million in the UK thanks to the associated Millionaire Maker game.

The midweek Lotto jackpot win has got the month of May off to a fantastic start, and with £51 million to play for on Friday, and around £3.9 million to pursue in the Lotto game on Saturday (plus two more Lotto Millionaire Raffle prizes of £1 million each), things could soon get even better. Take a look at our Lottery Statistics pages if you would like to see which numbers are most overdue to make an appearance, and good luck with whatever selections you choose to enter for yourself!

Published: Thursday 5th May 2016

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