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October Brings Lotto Relaunch

October Brings Lotto Relaunch

October is here, and that means we are on the verge of a Lotto relaunch with a wider range of numbers to choose from in the main game and a guaranteed millionaire every time in a new Millionaire Raffle game. From Thursday 8 October there will be 59 Lotto numbers in play instead of 49, so there are just two Lotto draws remaining where the odds of winning the top prize will be around 1 in 13.98 million. Players who want to make the most of those two draws are advised to buy tickets early, as there could be a rush on!

The midweek Lotto draw on Wednesday 30 September saw one ticket win a jackpot worth £1,621,605 by matching the numbers 05, 08, 11, 17, 40 and 45, so well done to the lucky player concerned. There were four players who matched five main numbers plus the Bonus Ball number 06 to win a second tier prize worth £32,358, and another 170 prizes of £646 were landed by tickets matching five main numbers only.

A fourth tier prize worth £65 was won by each of 8,929 tickets that matched four main numbers, and 158,804 tickets that matched three main numbers won £25 each. The Lotto Raffle game created 50 winners of £20,000 each, and the full list of winning numbers can be viewed on the Lotto Results page.

Lottery Statistics fans may have noticed that two of the Lotto numbers on Wednesday (11 and 45) had previously been highlighted as being most overdue to make an appearance, so it was good to see them do so. The most overdue numbers for the next Lotto game this Saturday, which will offer a brand new jackpot worth around £3.8 million, are 34, 13, 38, 16, 47 and 01.

For players who want to follow the most overdue numbers in the EuroMillions game this Friday 2 October, the main numbers to look out for are 25, 38, 24, 28 and 41, whilst the most overdue Lucky Stars are 11 and 06.

However you choose your numbers, enjoy the first lottery draws of the month and think lucky thoughts. Who knows, you could be just hours away from landing the lottery jackpot win you have always dreamed of. Good luck and have a great weekend!

Published: Thursday 1st October 2015

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