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Norwich Market Moolah

Norwich Market Moolah
Updated: Friday 25th April 2014

A Norwich market stallholder matched five main Lotto numbers and the bonus ball on Saturday 7 June, 2008 to win £103,399. Ramon Swinger, who is 48, was settling down in front on the TV with his partner Pat when he discovered the win.

“I was just starting to watch the Portugal v Turkey Euro 2008 game, but Pat asked if there was something better on,” Ramon explained. “I started flicking through the channels and heard the last three numbers being read out on the National Lottery programme. I knew they were mine, I just needed to find out what the other numbers were.”

Playing the same set of numbers for twelve years, as Ramon has, makes it easy to recognise them when they come up. Unfortunately, because he only caught the latter end of the result announcement on TV, Ramon didn’t know if he’d won £10 or £10,000.

“We called Pat’s mum, and although she said we’d matched five numbers plus the bonus ball I didn’t believe her, so I called my mum,” Ramon said. “She told me the same thing. It was only then that it sank it – I just couldn’t believe my luck! I can now treat myself and my staff to a long weekend away. Due to being self-employed and working on the stall, I work long hours so the weekend will be more than I’ve had in years!”

Ramon now plans to pay off his mortgage and enjoy a long weekend in France, where he will be celebrating his Lotto win with his market stall staff.

Published: Monday 28th July 2008

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