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No Plans for Lottery Millions

No Plans for Lottery Millions
Updated: Friday 25th April 2014

Two couples have recently won lots of money on the lottery, in the UK and in Canada. But the winners are down to earth people who are happy with their lives and don't have any immediate plans to spend, spend, spend.

What would you do if you won £3.9 million from the lottery? Enjoy spending it no doubt, and that’s just what Stan and Pat Cable from Suffolk will be doing with their win from the UKs National Lottery on 17 May 2008. But some people think that splashing out on a caravan isn’t exactly living the high-life! The retired couple don’t want the win to change their lives, but as well as the caravan they do plan to buy a new sofa and Pat’s got herself a new £135 handbag. And once they get used to earning £10,000 a month just from interest, having survived on £500 a month before, they are planning a holiday and maybe a 4x4 car as well. The couple had been planning to wash their pet dog when Stan had decided just to quickly check their lottery numbers. Realising they had all six they rushed out to the local shop to check. Needless to say, pet Rudi never got that bath!

Over in Canada, Doug and Liz Kinsman had to keep checking their winning Super 7 ticket from the Ontario State Lottery before they believed it. They had sat down to check their numbers as usual with Doug calling them out and Liz circling them, when they realized they had a lot of circles. They checked and checked the numbers but still could not believe they were winners. The couple had a sleepless night and then once they’d checked their ticket at a lotto location, it finally sunk in that they’d won $27 million. Buying a Friday night ticket has been a routine for the Super 7 Draw for the last ten years, when they always played the same numbers. But for the last year Doug’s been using a quick-pick, and is now a millionaire. Both enjoy their jobs and plan to invest the money and for now, take the family on a Caribbean cruise.

Published: Thursday 29th May 2008

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