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Nine-Figure Jackpot for EuroMillions

Nine-Figure Jackpot for EuroMillions
Updated: Tuesday 8th April 2014

The EuroMillions jackpot this Friday 14 June is expected to be worth more than nine figures following a rollover in the previous game on Tuesday. The estimated jackpot firgure stands at £110,000,000, which is almost ten times the size of a standard EuroMillions jackpot and the second highest of the year thus far. Players saw the biggest jackpot of 2013 landed on Friday 29 March, when one ticket won £112,017,541. That ticket had been purchased in France, so maybe this time it will be a UK player who does the honours!

When lottery jackpots reach a certain point it becomes genuinely difficult to put the amount of money that is up for grabs into perspective, and this Friday’s estimated jackpot of £110 million is a perfect example. If that sum were invested in a vehicle returning just 3% a year, it would give the winner an annual income of £3.3 million. The interest earnings alone would be enough to satisfy many lottery players, so having that amount of cash coming in each and every year – with the untouched £110 million secure in the bank for a particularly rainy day – would be mind-blowing.

Even more mind-blowing is the fact that someone reading these words could be just hours away from winning £110 million for the price of a single lottery ticket. Of course, quite a few players will be buying more than one ticket in an effort to increase their chances of succeeding, and we can’t fault that approach one bit. After all, every EuroMillions ticket purchased gives its owner a 1 in 13 chance of winning a prize of some kind, as well as a Millionaire Raffle prize worth £1 million, so buying several tickets could pay off several times over!

The fantastic thing about lottery games is that each ticket entered has exactly the same chance of winning. It doesn’t matter how you pick your numbers, what time of day you buy your ticket, how lucky you feel or how well off you are to begin with. If you have a ticket then you can look forward to the game knowing that your numbers really could come up and change your life forever.

Anyone who wants to have a go at winning the £110 million jackpot in the EuroMillions game this Friday is advised to buy tickets as early as possible, for the simple reason that things will get extremely busy as the draw approaches. You can buy your EuroMillions tickets online right now by visiting this page, and you might also want to grab a ticket or two for the Lotto game on Saturday night, when the jackpot will be worth around £3.7 million.

Enjoy the games and good luck!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Thursday 13th June 2013

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