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Thursday 21st September 2017
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Next Geosweep Draw

Next Geosweep Draw
Updated: Friday 17th June 2016

So have you picked your places yet for the next Geosweep draw? No we don’t mean numbers, because there is a new type of lottery game where instead of picking numbers you choose a place! The game is called GeoSweep and works on Google Maps. The whole of Britain has been divided into little squares called Geos, and you can choose to buy these Geos as your ticket in the draws. Every day, there are 2 draws.

The first is called the GeoSweep and it picks a square at random on the map. If that square is occupied, then its owner wins £1,000,000. Since ownership of each square is mutually exclusive (once it’s yours, it’s yours) if you win, you’ll never have to share the prize – like if someone has the same numbers as you. The odds of winning this draw are pretty good too – better ‘pound for pound’ than your chance of hitting the Lotto jackpot.

Next they do the Daily Guarantee draw. It’s for far less money - £1,000 – but only the occupied Geos are entered, so you are far more likely to win. Especially in the early days of the game, where less people are playing but they still guarantee to pay out.

It costs 10p per day to own a Geo (and you buy them 30 days at a time, so £3). This gets you entry into both draws, every day, for 30 days.

All you have to do is choose where you are going to buy! Your house? Your footie ground? A bit of Big Ben? Start browsing the GeoSweep map and see where takes your fancy in the new Un-lottery.

Published: Tuesday 7th December 2010

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