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New Rules for Lotto Jackpots?

New Rules for Lotto Jackpots?
Updated: Friday 17th July 2015

Lotto players will be familiar with the estimated jackpot figures that are advertised by the lottery organisers in the UK, and in most cases the number of tickets sold for each draw in question raises enough money to provide jackpots which reach those estimates. However, in the last three draws the money raised from Lotto ticket sales hasn’t done that, and so the operator appears to have ‘topped up’ the jackpot prize pools so that they met the estimates that had been given.

What we are now wondering is whether a new rule for Lotto jackpots has been introduced so that this ‘topping up’ of jackpot pools is par for the course when necessary. Such topping up hasn’t been implemented previously, so a rule change would make sense, and we are investigating the matter to try and shed some light on the issue.

As you would expect, we have pored over the available rules and have found nothing explicit pertaining to topping up Lotto jackpots to meet estimated levels, but there is one rather ambiguous reference to ‘otherwise added’ funds in Rule 4 (section iii). It could well be that this covers the issue, but our investigations are continuing in an effort to confirm whether this is the case or whether a new rule has indeed come into play.

If a new rule for the topping up of Lotto jackpots has been introduced then it would certainly be good news for players because it would mean that the estimated jackpots that are advertised would be even more reliable. It also means that, on those occasions where ticket sales wouldn’t be sufficient to reach the estimated jackpot figure, every Lotto player who is in the game would be getting marginally better value for money. That’s because you would effectively get to play for a larger jackpot than the actual ticket sales merit.

We will of course bring you any further news on this matter as soon as we have it. In the meantime, the estimated jackpot for the next Lotto game this Wednesday is £2.4 million – and that comes straight after your chance to win a EuroMillions double rollover jackpot of around £29 million on Tuesday. Good luck!

Published: Tuesday 31st May 2011

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